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Unemployment Benefits

Employees seeking Unemployment Benefits need to contact their local state Unemployment Office to apply. Each specific situation will be reviewed by the state with decisions being made at that time regarding qualifications. 

What are Unemployment Benefits?

Unemployment insurance is payment provided to workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own (i.e., a layoff) for a set period of time.

Do I Qualify?

You may not qualify for unemployment insurance if you:
  • Were fired for misconduct; 
  • Quit without good cause; 
  • Resigned because of a personal reason (illness, got married, etc.); 
  • Are self-employed; 
  • Are involved in a labor dispute; 
  • Are attending school. 

Contact Your State Unemployment Office

Your state will determine your eligibility for unemployment pay (compensation). 
File a claim with your state unemployment office: State Unemployment Offices.